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Some programs are held in person and online. Check the calendar for details. Before attending read the full protocol here.

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Ways To Be Involved

There are many ways to be involved with the WHS community. A newcomer might begin by attending an event which could blossom into joining the community and volunteering opportunities. Some who have been participating in the sangha for years might try a new class or group or volunteer in a new role. The invitation is to explore an area of interest and join in where it feels right. 

All of the functions of the White Heron Sangha are accomplished through the interconnected efforts of volunteers and dāna - the practice of giving. There is no fee to join the sangha and all are welcome.

Indra's net is an image and metaphor based in Mahayana scripture which holds that all phenomena are deeply interconnected, mutually arising and that every phenomena contains all other phenomena. Imagine Indra's net set with beautiful jewels - each having the extraordinary property of reflecting all of the other jewels, and the reflections also containing every other reflection, ad infinitum. 

The sangha's existence is dependent on everyone who becomes involved and each person's efforts are reflected in those of one another.


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Attend Sunday Programs, Meditation and Practice Groups, Classes and Retreats. All are welcome!

Join the Community

Membership is free and includes:
reduced retreat fees,
member directory access,
additional event info and more...


Practice generosity by sharing your time and skills.


White Heron Sangha is an all volunteer organization with 501(c3) status.