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South County Meditation Group

The South County Meditation Group meets in Oceano on Sunday mornings from 9:00am  ‑  10:15am for meditation and study in the Gudrun Hus Studio at Tierra Nueva Cohousing, adjacent to the town of Halcyon (see Maps) (see Brochure) (see YouTube Channel).

The weekly WHSSCMG schedule is suspended due to the COVID‑19 pandemic.

SLO County (Region 1, Southern CA) is under a Regional Stay Home Order.

Up-to-the-minute SLO County COVID‑19 information is available here.

(updated 01/21/2021)

Mental health professionals advise to be aware of the distinction between social distancing and physical distancing, and recommend reaching out online to reduce the effects of loneliness, anxiety, boredom and depression while sheltering at home. Here are some online resources in California, listed in alphabetical order:

Insight Meditation South Bay | Online Courses

InsightLA | Online

North County White Heron Buddhist Sangha | Virtual Community

San Francisco Zen Center | Online Programs

San Luis Obispo Zen Circle | Online Programs

Shambhala Los Angeles | Sunday Morning Public Sitting - Online Meetings

Spirit Rock | Online Classes

Additional USA online resources:

American Psychiatric Association | Coronavirus Resources

American Psychological Association | Telepsychology

Barre Center for Buddhist Studies | Online Programs

The Chopra Center | Guided Meditations Online

DharmaSun | Online Tibetan Buddhist Teachings

glo | Meditation Online

Harvard Online Learning | Buddhism Through Its Scriptures

Ligmincha Learning | Online Tibetan meditation instruction

Sahaja Yoga | Online Meditation

Self-Realization Fellowship | Online Meditation Center

Sounds True | Online Courses

Tara Brach | Guided Meditations Online

Tricycle | Online Classes

YouTube | Online Meditation Channel

Additional International online resources:

Findhorn Foundation, Scotland | Online Programmes

(checked 11/04/2020)

Our meditation practice is informed by the wisdom tradition of Buddhism. All levels of meditation experience are welcome, and it is not necessary to be an active participant[1] of White Heron Sangha to attend. If someone is new to meditation, and new to the group, the facilitator, or one of our group members, may guide the meditation for the first 10 minutes or so.

We are a peer-led group, in the tradition of kalyanamittata ("admirable friendship", or "spiritual friends").

The usual meeting format is: start with reading the Beginning Practice, meditate for 30 minutes, read the Ending Practice, then announcements and discussion. On the first and third Sundays of each month, we extend the meditation period to 45 minutes.

When there is a White Heron Sangha weekend retreat, Gudrun Hus Studio will be available for meditating, but there will not be a Program.

Books that we have read include:

The book that we are currently reading is:

Date Opener Facilitator

First sitting after the Shelter at Home order

Food for the Heart | Chapter 26 - THE MIDDLE WAY WITHIN

Extended Meditation (45 minutes)
Food for the Heart | Chapter 27 - THE PEACE BEYOND

Food for the Heart | Chapter 28 - CONVENTION AND LIBERATION

  Extended Meditation (45 minutes)
How is your practice going?

    Food for the Heart | Chapter 29 - NO ABIDING

  Extended Meditation (45 minutes)
Food for the Heart | Chapter 30 - RIGHT VIEW - THE PLACE OF COOLNESS
      Gudrun Hus Clipboard Sheet

The Book Queue  In anticipation of the end of Food for the Heart, this is the list of books that have been submitted for consideration to read next. WHSSCMG participants are invited to forward their suggestions (updated 7/25/2020)

The Google Group White Heron Sangha - South County Meditation Group [whsscmg] is at http://goo.gl/zxJXUD

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For further information on the South County Meditation Group, feel free to contact any of these WHSSCMG participants: Lois Richerson <thelois@gmail.com>, Kathy Headtke <kheadtke@sbcglobal.net>, Harry Hōetsu Heck <hoetsu@icloud.com>
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