White Heron Sangha

Winter 2020-21

Website Refresh Coming Soon

by Alice Reinheimer

Our sangha website, whiteheronsangha.org  has served us well. We manage our many events there, from registration through email reminders. We find each other in the member directory when we log in. We send our financial gifts through the donation portal.

Much as we love our current website, it's age (10+ years) is showing. It could be more visually appealing and engaging, and easier to use. To this end an intrepid group of sangha members has taken on the task of moving the website to a new platform. This group is planning to build a website that is modern, visually oriented and easy to use on all devices including smart phones. This will also be an opportunity to review and revise the words that we use to present ourselves to the world.

Teaser fragment from new work in progress...

This group, the WHSIT (pronounced whuzzit or whozzit) committee consists of John Dilworth, Carole Maurer, Rosemary Donnell, Laura Liss, Marc Mumby, Russell Hodin, Alice Reinheimer and Sharon Rippner. There are decades of technical experience in the group but building an engaging website involves more than just techie backend programming skills. It also requires skills in graphic design, photography, effective and inclusive communication, etc.

This is an opportunity for the entire sangha to participate in creating an online expression of who we are. Do you have a portfolio of amazing Buddhist inspired photography to share? Do you delight in spinning words in a way that makes everyone feel accepted and at home? Would you like to be among those who test and evaluate usability? Do you have ideas, opinions, feelings you would like to share? Please let any of the WHSIT committee members know.

The committee is committed to using Buddhist principles to work together in this endeavor. This work is a practice and it is not on a rigid timeline. That said, rollout of the new website may possibly occur in the first quarter of 2021. Before that you can expect more communication from the group, including a survey or two. There are a number of important decisions to be made which will involve the sangha as a whole.

Wishing you all great joy!

Alice Reinheimer for the WHSIT committee

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