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Tara Practice

 by Claudia Coleman

James Coleman hosting the Tara Practice Group

The Tara Practice group met August 15 for a first-time Zoom gathering. This group, led by James Coleman, meets about once a quarter on a Saturday morning, and everyone, including beginners, is welcome. 

Tara is beloved throughout much of the Buddhist world, and in the Tibetan tradition, she is considered a fully enlightened Buddha. She is also revered as a bodhisattva of compassion and action, so her practice is particularly relevant in these current times.

If you haven’t done visualizations during your meditation before, you may find that it both enriches and deepens your practice. The visualization of the female Buddha Tara not only builds concentration, it helps balance our female and male energies, and helps free us from the limitations of our deluded sense of self. When we return to our Center, you can see a beautiful thangka of Green Tara over the side altar. 

For questions or to find out about about future Tara practice meetings, email James at jwcoleman1008@gmail.com.

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