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Retreat Committee News

by Kristie Wells


The WHS Retreat Committee hosted our third retreat of 2016 in July with Tibetan teacher Lama Palden, of Sukhasiddhi Foundation in Northern California. The retreat was well attended and generated a lot of interest.

Our next retreat will be with Vipassana (Insight) Meditation teacher Heather Sundberg, from Mountain Stream Meditation Center in Nevada City on September 24 - 25. The topic of our weekend with Heather will be "Embodied Heart-Full Awareness" (more information).

Our last retreat of 2016 will be the weekend of December 3 - 4 with Shaila Catherine of Insight Meditation South Bay. Shaila Catherine is an American Buddhist meditation teacher in the Theravādan tradition, known for her expertise in insight meditation and jhāna practices. Saturday's theme will be "Mindful Investigation" and Sunday's theme will be "Investigating the Nature of Mind." More information about this retreat will be posted soon.

I would like to briefly mention just how very fortunate we are to be able to attract such experienced and wonderful teachers to our area to offer their teachings to us. Our ability to attract such quality teachers is due to our Sangha’s positive reputation among teachers as well as through the personal connections that many of our members have with various teachers. I am very grateful to all of our long-time members, who have contributed to our strong retreat foundation and teacher network, and to our current members, who volunteer their time and efforts so that we can continue to offer these opportunities to expand and deepen our practices. Thank you all so much!

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