White Heron Sangha

Meditation Mentoring Program

Our meditation mentoring program provides interested meditators one-on-one guidance from experienced practitioners who have had extensive retreat practice as well as strong daily sitting practices.

Some typical reasons to meet with a mentor might include: not understanding the process of meditation, wanting to develop a specific technique, feeling that you have reached a plateau, being discouraged with progress, or just wanting to discuss your practice with a more experienced person.

Meeting times and places would be mutually agreed upon by the participants. There is no explicit fee – mentoring  will be given in the tradition of dana, or generosity, which means you would make a donation that feels comfortable to you. The mentor will contribute 10% or more of the dana to White Heron Sangha.

If you are interested in making an appointment for mentoring please call or email Nancy Hilyard at 805-904-7298  or nancyhilyard@gmail.com.

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